Coca-Cola – Share a Song

"Share a Song" is a mobile landing page that enables consumers to share coke cans that have lyrics on it through chat applications.

Magnum – 2015 Summer Promotion

This year’s summer campaign is presenting 2 Porsche Boxster.

Burger King – Tıkla Gelsin

iOS and Android applications that enables consumers to order Burger King menus through their mobile devices.

Bingo Promotion

Instore promotion campaign that has presented dream holiday for 2 people that has bought Bingo products.

Anne Paketi

Mothers got some football tips during Euro 2012 from Coke’s Football Pack.

Arçelik Mucize Lezzetler

Mucize Lezzetler is an iPhone and iPad application that includes lots of delicious recipes by Refika Birgül’s presentation.

Coca-Cola Kırmızı Kasa

Kırmızı Kasa was a loyalty program that consumers redeem codes under each cap and get lots of great sure wins by SMS or mobile application.

Coca-Cola Mobile Promotion

Consumers won 100 FAU, 100 SMS, 100 MB instantly during the campaign.

Coke Zero Artık Her Şey Mümkün Campaign

The codes under each cap of Coke Zero made a very lucky consumer, Lamborghini Gallardo owner.

Fanta Hadi Oyna

Consumers used the the codes under each of Fanta to win instanly Joygame credits or to participate prize-winning lottery campaign such as bicyles, Play Station and basketball.

Fuse Tea

When Fuse Tea was ordered as a beverage with Mc Donald’s menu, a code was given to enter the prize-winning lottery campaign such as Volkswagen New Beetle, Vespa and smartphones.

Magnum Dreamprize Promotion

Magnum gives the chance of winning dreamprizes to its consumers through unique codes on each Magnum stick.

Rock’n Coke Mobile Application

Rock’n Coke served a mobile app that enables festival participants to reach any information and to set their own programs about festival, line-ups and other activities.

Sprite Kafası Promotion

Sprite breaks up with your beloved instead of you via an IVR service.

Şanslı Paket

Consumers won millions of FAU, SMS and data packages through the codes in each pack of Cipso and Patos.

TEB Çocuk iPad Application

TEB Çocuk iPad Application, aims to educate kids for financial issues in their early ages.


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